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Everyone needs a best mate - even your shaver.

Shaver, meet Shaver Guard+, the lubricating electric shaver cleaning spray that gets blades cleaner than Tiger Woods tee-off. With antibacterial properties and cosmetic grade silicone that stays on the blade until you’re ready to go, using and cleaning an electric shaver has never been easier. Shaver Guard+ unique cologne fragrance will leave your blades smelling epic 

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Shaver Guard breaks down the build-up on your shaver’s blades, keeping you clean and your blades in top condition.

Cosmetic grade silicone

Save the sealant in a tube for your bathroom reno - Shaver Guard uses a cosmetic grade silicone that stays on the blade, cooling and reducing friction.

Saves money

Blades aren’t cheap, so why replace them when you don’t have to? Shaver Guard extends the life of your blades, keeping money in your pocket.

Kills germs

Oils and shaving products can leave residues on your shaver blades that attract germs and bacteria. Shaver Guard breaks these down, keeping you and your shaver clean.

Extends the life of foils & cutters

Whatever style of shaver you use, Shaver Guard will keep it running like Cathy Freeman.

Keeps blades sharper for longer

Increased performance means blades last longer and stay sharper.

Maintains optimum performance

Think of your shaver like a car - if you don’t keep it serviced, it’ll never run properly. Shaver Guard keeps everything running smoothly so your shaver works for you, not against you.

How to Use Shaver Guard

1. Turn off your electric shaver and wash away any hairs from the foils or blades.

2.Hold the Shaver Guard+ can 10cm away and spray directly onto the foils or blades for 3 seconds.

3. Turn on the electric shaver and run for 3 seconds to allow the lubrication to take effect. You are now ready to shave

TIP: If applying the product before shaving, allow your electric shaver to rest for 10 seconds after spray.

4. At the end of your shave, apply a final spray of Shaver Guard+. This will leave your electric shaver clean, lubricated & protected for its next use.

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