About Face Guard

Back in 2001, our CEO Michael Clark could see that not all shaving products are made equal. Starting with Shaver Guard, a cleaning and lubricant shaver oil spray for electric shavers, Michael struck up an exclusive deal with Shaver Shop, and it quickly became a best-seller. Because it works.

Face Guard is the next step. The Face Guard range of shaving creams and oils are designed for comfort and protection, while heightening your masculine musk. Face Guard is refined, refreshing, and versatile as a bin used as cricket stumps because Aussies deserve the ultimate shave every time.

Skincare for Men Who Care.

Men’s health and hygiene is at the core of FACEGUARD—it is the essence of our cause. This partnership will raise awareness on an issue that impacts men of all ages. Early detection is imperative. Not only do we feel compelled to get the word out, we feel that it’s our duty to do so.

— CEO Michael Clark

Our Vision

At Face Guard, we’re a bit like Steve Smith’s batting action; not traditional, but really bloody effective. We strive to provide products that complement a man’s modern look, from bushranger beard to two shaves a day. That means our range is built for versatility because while your look will change, Face Guard products will always remain as effective as ever.

We believe grooming should be easy, whatever your style. Our vision is for a world where shaving is as comfortable as slipping into a pair of old work boots. Your style is unique to you, and Face Guard exists now and into the future to make sure that Aussie men can stay true to themselves.


You look great, and Face Guard products are designed to make sure that you feel as good as you look. Like Clint Eastwood in a velvet tuxedo, Face Guard brings a classy, refined touch to the classic masculine image. Whether you’re a manual man or prefer the power of electric shaving, Face Guard oils and creams are versatile enough to work however you want them to.

We want you to feel the perfect shave at first touch. Face Guard products are full of real, natural ingredients like tea tree, coconut, mint and more avocado than an inner city brunch. Everything we do is to protect and heighten your natural qualities - our bottles are even shaped like a shield.